All wraps served in a low carb WHOLE WHEAT wrap. VEGETERIANS- substitute VEGGIE BURGER or TOFU for any meat ($1). Add GUACAMOLE, CHEESE or HUMMUS ($1 ea). Substitute BISON ($2). DELUXE ($3)

1. Stamina Wrap- Grilled chicken, sautéed spinach, and egg whites ($8)
2. Bicep Burrito- Grilled chicken, brown rice, pico de gallo, black beans,
guacamole, low-fat cheese, and hot sauce ($9)
3. Spicy Chipotle-Grilled chicken, avocado, brown rice with spicy low-fat
chipotle sauce ($8.5)
4. Teriyaki Power- Grilled chicken, sesame seeds, mixed vegetables, brown rice
and low-fat teriyaki sauce ($8.5)
5. Chicken Parm- Grilled chicken, low-fat mozzarella and low sodium
tomato sauce ($8)
6. BLT Wrap- Grilled chicken, lean turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, low-fat mozz and
low fat mayo ($8.5)
7. Mega Protein- Grilled chicken, bison, grilled onions, peppers, tomatoes
w/ tahini and hot sauce ($9)
8. Holy Guacamole- Grilled chicken, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and onions ($8)
9. Albacore Abs- Low-fat tuna salad, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions ($7.5)
10. Greek God- Grilled chicken, cucumber sauce, and Greek salad ($8)
11. Mango Salmon- Wild salmon, mango salsa, lettuce and tomato ($9)
12. Mediterranean Muscle- Grilled chicken, hummus and salad ($8)
13. Popeye Wrap- Grilled chicken, sautéed spinach and low-fat mozzarella ($8)
14. BBQ Wrap- Grilled chicken, brown rice, low-fat American cheese, and lite
BBQ sauce ($8)
15. Caesar Avocado- Grilled chicken, avocado, low-fat Caesar and parmesan
cheese, lettuce and tomato ($8.5)
16. Thai Turkey- Turkey burger, mixed vegetables with low-fat Thai sauce ($8)
17. El Cubano- Grilled chicken, avocado, brown rice, beans, lettuce, tomato and
chili sauce ($8.5)
18. Steak Avocado- Grilled steak, avocado, brown rice, onions, peppers and
teriyaki sauce ($9)
19. Turkey Hummus- Turkey burger, hummus, mixed veggies, and low-fat mozz ($8)
20. The Ginger Wrap- Grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato w/ lite
carrot-ginger sauce ($8.5)


All sandwiches are served in a WHOLE WHEAT pita.

21. Grilled Chicken Sandwich- Chicken breast marinated in lemon and spices
w/lettuce, tomato and onions ($6.5)
22. Turkey Burger Sandwich- W/ lettuce, tomato, and onions ($6.5)
23. Bison Burger Sandwich- W/ lettuce, tomato, and onions ($7)
24. Veggie Burger Sandwich- W/lettuce, tomato, and onions ($6.5)
25. Baked Falafel Sandwich- Israeli salad, hummus and tahini ($6)
26. Tuna Salad Sandwich- Prepared with low-fat mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onions ($6)
27. PIZZA STYLE- Choice of chicken breast ($7), turkey burger ($7), bison burger ($7.5)
or veggie burger ($7) with low sodium tomato sauce and low-fat mozzarella
28. Texas BBQ- Choice of chicken breast or turkey burger w/ grilled onions, low-fat
American cheese and lite BBQ sauce ($7)
29. Chicken and Spinach – Grilled chicken, sautéed spinach, and low-fat mozzarella ($7)
*Deluxe includes BAKED FRIES and a SMALL WATER


Substitute VEGGIE BURGER or TOFU ($1). Substitute BISON ($2).

Complete Power
30. Stay Strong- Grilled chicken breast with choice of lentils or three-bean chili
over brown rice ($11)
31. Stamina BBQ- Grilled chicken breast, lite BBQ, avocado over brown rice ($11)
32. Stamina Teriyaki- Grilled chicken & vegetables w/ lite teriyaki sauce over brown rice ($11)
33. Diesel Italian- Grilled chicken, tomato sauce, low-fat mozz over brown rice ($11)
34. Pure Power- Grilled chicken, tomatoes and onions baked w/ tahini, over
spinach and brown rice ($11)
35. Tone Thai- Grilled chicken and vegetables w/ low-fat Thai peanut sauce
over brown rice ($11)
36. Energy Bison- Lean bison w/grilled onions and peppers, brown rice topped
with tomato sauce ($11)
37. Mighty Mexico- Grilled chicken breast w/black beans, pico de gallo, avocado
and brown rice ($12)
Low-Carb Power
38. Powerhouse- Grilled bison and chicken cooked w/tomatoes, onions, peppers,
tahini and hot sauce ($11)
39. Ultra Lean- Grilled chicken breast, peppers, onions & tomatoes, over sautéed
spinach w/three-bean chili ($11)
40. BBQ Combo- Grilled chicken, turkey burger, and broccoli w/low-fat BBQ sauce ($11)
41. Super Salmon- Grilled wild salmon w/mango salsa, avocado, and sautéed spinach ($13)
Basic Power
42. Basic 1- Grilled chicken breast and sautéed spinach ($9)
43. Basic 2- Grilled chicken breast and mixed vegetables
(broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot) ($9)
44. Basic 3- Grilled chicken breast and sweet potato ($9)
45. Basic 4- Grilled chicken, brown rice, and salad ($9.75)

Energy Soups
All soups are reduced fat with no added salt
Small ($3.5) - Large ($4.5)
46. Vegetable Lentil - 47. Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili
48. Chicken-n-Vegetable with Brown Rice
49. Spicy Chicken Jalapeno - 50. Tomato - 51. Split Pea

All salads are served with tomatoes, carrots, red onions and cucumbers. Dressings include- Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Oil & Vinegar w/herbs, Tahini, Carrot & Ginger, Italian, Ranch, Caesar, Tzatziki

52. Stamina Salad- Choice of mesclun, romaine, or fresh spinach w/ tomatoes,
carrots, red onions and cucumber ($6.5) ADD AVOCADO ($2)
53. Wild Salmon Avocado – Wild salmon and avocado over Stamina Salad ($12.50)
54. Grilled Chicken- Over Stamina Salad ($8)
55. Baked Falafel- W/ hummus and tahini over Stamina Salad ($8)
56. Stamina Caesar- Chicken breast, romaine lettuce, organic croutons, w/low-fat
Caesar and parmesan ($9.5)
57. Power Apple- Mesclun salad w/ apples, raisins, walnuts and
goat cheese ($8) Add Chicken ($2)
58. Mexican Salad- Chopped romaine, pico de gallo, black beans, guacamole,
jalapenos and shredded cheese ($9.5) Add Chicken ($2)
59. Chicken Avocado- Grilled chicken, avocado, and chick peas over Stamina Salad ($10)
Substitute Shrimp ($2)


ALL-DAY Power Breakfast

60. Breakfast Burrito - Egg whites, turkey bacon, guacamole, low-fat
cheese, brown rice and chipotle sauce in a wheat tortilla ($8.5)
61. Bacon, Egg and Cheese- Egg whites, turkey bacon, low-fat cheddar in
a wheat flax wrap ($7)
62. Turkey Avocado- Sliced deli turkey, egg whites and avocado in a
whole wheat wrap ($7.5)
63. Stamina Omelet- Six baked egg whites served with sweet potato ($6)
Add Veggies (.50 ea.)
Onions, Peppers, Tomato, Broccoli, Spinach, Mushroom
Add Protein ($2 ea)
Grilled Chicken, Bison, Turkey Burger, Turkey Bacon
Add low-fat Mozzarella or low-fat American ($1)

64. Power Pancakes- Two large protein wheat pancakes topped
w/strawberries and banana ($6.5)
65. Stamina Oatmeal ($3.5) - Add Protein ($1)
Add Blueberries, Strawberries, Banana, Mango, Peaches or Pineapple (.75 ea)
66. Egg Sandwich- Four baked egg whites served in a whole wheat pita or
multi-grain bread ($5)
Add Veggies (.50 ea.)
Onions, Peppers, Tomato, Broccoli, Spinach, Mushroom

Guilt Free Pizzas
All pizzas are made w/low-fat mozzarella, low sodium tomato sauce
& whole wheat high fiber crust.

67. Personal Pie- ($5)
Add Veggies (.50 ea.) Onions, Peppers, Tomato, Broccoli, Spinach, Mushroom
Add Pineapple (.50)
Add Protein ($2 ea) Grilled Chicken, Bison, Turkey Burger, Turkey Bacon

68. 12” Power Pie- ($8)
Add Veggies (.75 ea.) Onions, Peppers, Tomato, Broccoli, Spinach, Mushroom
Add Pineapple (.75)
Add Protein ($2.50 ea) Grilled Chicken, Bison, Turkey Burger, Turkey Bacon


Low-Fat Quesadillas
All Quesadillas made w/whole wheat tortilla and low-fat cheese.

69. Chicken Chipotle- Grilled chicken, low-fat cheese, onions, peppers
and low-fat chipotle sauce ($9)
70. Popeye Quesadilla- Grilled chicken, sautéed spinach, and
low-fat cheese ($9)
71. Stamina Quesadilla- Grilled chicken, low-fat cheese, tomato,
mushrooms, and onions ($9)
72. Veggie Quesadilla- Mixed veggies and low-fat cheddar ($8)


Shameless Desserts
73. Daily Fresh Fruit Salad – Med ($4) Lg. ($5.5)
74. Low-Fat Pudding- Vanilla, Chocolate, or Banana ($3)
75. Low-Fat Protein Bran Muffins – Plain, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip ($3.50)
76. Low-Fat Protein Brownies ($3.25)
77. Low-Fat Yogurt Cup- w/fresh fruit and granola ($4.5)

Side Orders
78. Side Salad ($4)
79. Brown Rice ($3.5)
80. Baked Potato ($3.5)
81. Sweet Potato ($3.5)
82. Sliced Potato w/ Spices ($3.5)
83. Grilled Broccoli ($4.5)
84. Sautéed Spinach ($4.5)
85. Steamed Vegetables ($4.5)
86. Hummus w/ Wheat Pita ($4.5)
87. Guacamole ($4.5)
88. Black Beans ($4)
89. Baked Regular Fries ($4)

Snapple- Poland Spring- Fiji Water- Smart Water- Vitamin Water- Coconut Water- Hint Water- Honest Tea- Soda- Gatorade- Crystal Light Lemonade- Coffee- Iced Coffee- Hot Tea- Fresh Brewed Iced Tea- Muscle Milk
Speed Stack- Red Bull

*Mixed Veggies- Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot
*Stamina Sauce - Avocado based sauce